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Hiya, regular! Read this....

Okay, so times are changing....and after much thought, and actually a few years of consideration, I decided my designing tool is outdated, and just too much work to keep images and ideas fresh. Now, what really sealed the deal on discontinuing the site, is 

I have played on and have found that there's NO WAY I can keep up with how much new stuff they offer...and I shouldn't have to since I do label printing and production! If there's a resource for an easy way to design fresh and updated labels, why not? RIGHT!?

So, if you've had an account on my designer site and saved designs, NO PROBLEM....I have your files saved IF, and ONLY IF, you have ordered that design on labels at least once. If you're unsure if I have your file/s saved, please contact me via chat, email ( or Facebook messenger and just ask!

If you know you've ordered and you know I have your file, just create an account on this current site. Head to the home page and sign up. When you order under the "Shop" tab, choose the label type you need and leave in the notes that you ordered on the other site, and just describe the label. Message me to confirm anything or chat about details. This is all way less intimidating than it seems! Don't stress, just contact me. :)

You can still access the site for a short time...
especially if you have a pending order.

What does Canva have to do with this?

Everything! And more...

Click below to see how Canva works for us here.

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