This listing is to get a label design set up. It is NOT for actual labels. Please purchase this if you need a first-time label setup or a new label setup if you’re starting a design from scratch. If you already have a label design setup by yourself, please don’t purchase this and go right to the “reorder” listings. You'll be able to upload the file on the page right after you checkout! Listings ready to buy


 If you have a file that I already set up, and need minor edits, please don’t purchase this listing. Again, go right to “reorder” listings. Those types of files and changes will not require a setup fee. Listings ready to buy



to look at pre-made designs, clip art, fonts, etc. and when purchasing this listing, leave in the notes:


1. All the text you need on your labels.


2. Font choice/s. Choose a numbered font on the site I link you to above, or choose a free font from dafont.com


3. If you have a logo you want to add, there will be an uploader immediately after you checkout on the order confirmation page. YAY!


4. Label type, format and size.


Type: (Poly cotton, Heavy use, Tagless iron on, Organic cotton or satin) Format: (Flat or folded)


Sizes: (Sizes for all but satin are usually: 1 by 2.5 inches, 1 by 2 inches, 1.5 inch square, or 1.5 by 1.75 inches.) (Satin sizes are 1 by 2.5 inches or 1 by 2 inches.)

I AM flexible on sizing except satin. Contact me via chat or email if you wanna run a size by me!


5. Clip art, background, premade design number...if you want one.


6. Any other info you want to add about your setup.


Once purchased, I will send a proof within about 3-5 business days. If approved, I will give you a code for a $5 credit towards a label order. If you need edits, that’s perfectly fine but won’t qualify for the $5 credit. That will cover edit fees.


Your setup will be saved for any future orders and will not require any further setup fees, even if you need minor edits.


If you have any questions or issues about the process, please contact via live chat, email jjlabels@att.net or Facebook.com/jjlabels


Thank you and I look forward to working with you!




Please note: A file made for poly cotton, heavy use, organic cotton and tagless are interchangeable! Yay!


Satin files are unique and can only be done in black ink and require a unique setup. If you get a satin file made, it can be used on all items, but color files *usually* can’t be printed on satin. Please ask me if you want a color design printed on satin as sometimes it will work, before you purchase a listing for a new satin setup if you have a file already.


  • As these are custom made, I will only allow replacements if I have made an error on your labels. If you make an error, please be prepared to reorder at regular price. Contact me personally for any issues. I strive FULLY to make your product correct!

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