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Some of my label types...and a brief description


Heavy Use

Poly Cotton



Enjoy the ease of iron on

labels, with the much

appreciated tagless label

feel...or lack there of!

Best part? Permanent.

These are full color, 

and come in square, 

rectangle, and even circles

and scalloped circles.

Watch for more shapes

and sizes.

Best for:

Inside of clothing,

especially for CPSIA info


Poly Cotton

Poly cotton labels are

actually my very first staple product. These labels are great because the print has no limit to color and pretty close to no limit to detail. 

All this while keeping a

general softness.

Best for:


hem labels, logo labels,

folded labels, flat labels


Heavy Use

Heavy use is an excellent

quality all around!

These are printed in full color and show details

wonderfully, all while giving an extra durable feel and wearability.

These are great for branding your products on the outside, especially cloth diapers and pet items. Don't let that stop you from using them on EVERYTHING! These have a SOFT vinyl-like finish. Almost like a faux leather. 

Best for:

Items that are washed MORE than normal. Pet items, cloth diapers, burping cloths.

Great used with a faux leather background and especially for hem labels!



My satin is an excellent quality woven edge satin.

A lot of satin printers use

slit-cut satin which gives a very cheap look and feel.

Satin is great for inside clothing flat or folded, side seam labels and gives a simple and elegant finish to items. These will not fray, and wash wonderfully, as do all my labels.

Best for:

Like the heavy use labels, these are also great for heavily washed items.

Great label for inside clothing if you like to have a classic sew-in wash care label. This was my original CPSIA label info label. Still is used by MANY...but be sure to check out tagless for and easier and more colorful option.

Satin is only printed in black ink.


Organic Cotton

Organic cotton comes in natural coloring or white. The fabric is a nice twill, so it has some texture to it.

This is an excellent option when wanting 100% cotton, and the organic aspect. It is not 100% fray-proof, 

but it is VERY fray resistant as it's cut on the bias. There are no limits to the coloring and can be used in so many ways!

Best for:

Everything! Beautiful option for branding on the outside of clothing, hem labels, folded or flat inside clothing.

These labels always add a very organic, professional feel to every item. This is one type of label I think most everyone can't resist!!

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