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Jennifer's Jewels

Where It All Began

Jennifer's Jewels was started with a love for business, creating, gifting and being a mother. I had my first son and when he was a few months old, I was needing to find daycare to return to work. Well, I tried...many daycares...and then went into my job one day and quit on the spot. They said I didn't have to give a two week notice due to the circumstances, and so I went home and put my brain into super creative mode. I went through making photo quilts, did home daycare, and then one day, a lady named Autumn asked me if I could print quilt labels. That day, I whipped up some labels, threw together some basic designs, and listed my first listings on Etsy. Within a few hours, I got my first label order. I had that feeling in my gut...and my drive was unexplainable. 

Now after years of trial and error, many types of equipment, lots of time, money and MANY, MANY tears, my labels went from good to GREAT. I've always wanted to: be a mom, run a business and maybe teach kindergarten. I got all but one, and let me tell you, I helped in my kids' kindergarten classes, and I ended up in the right seat.

Thank you to my LONG-TIME dedicated customers that have been there since day one, my current customers that I meet everyday, and to my future customers, thank you for giving me my future path. <3


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