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Design Inspiration

Check out these design elements for inspiration. You can pick and choose from the fonts, clip art and backgrounds. Use a few or don't use anything. Totally up to you! When you place an order, just leave the information in the notes on the elements you'd like to use. Each group of elements below will give a list of label types they work on. :) Contact me with any questions!

Fonts - Good for all label types


Grid clip art - Black and white good for all labels. Colored clip art is good for all EXCEPT satin.

Satin Clips Amazon New.png
Satin Clips 2 Amazon New.jpg

I do realize some are duplicates below

Satin New Clips 2023 Page 1.png
Satin New Clips 2023 Page 2.png
Backgrounds layout 2.png

Backgrounds - Good for all labels except Satin

Backgrounds layout 3.png
Backgrounds layout 1.png
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